The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition is a growing and increasingly diverse group of organizations working together for positive change to our drug policies. As a member of CDPC, your organization can amplify your reach, network with other organizations, and participate in real action to address the overdose crisis and modernize Canada’s drug policies. If you recognize that the system is broken, and we can do better, join CDPC to make a lasting and important impact towards drug policies based on public health, human rights, social inclusion and evidence-informed policy development.

Benefits of Being a CDPC Member

Facilitating national impact and collaboration

We recognize that drug policies are not only local, but regional and national within Canada. So, it’s important that people working for change collaborate and strategize together to bring about needed improvements. To assist this, CDPC:

  • Provides a framework for organizations to work together in different ways regionally and nationally, so you can have an impact beyond your own community
  • Facilitates communication and cooperation among organizations. We support different collaborative activities and knowledge exchange, such as through our national working groups, joint advocacy letters and petitions, connecting organizations and people with each other, and providing tools to help you collaborate, learn, and keep up-to-date on what is happening in Canada and act at the local, regional and national levels.

Sharing knowledge, information and expertise

CDPC members have a wide range of experience and expertise in the analysis of drug problems and policies at the local, regional and national levels. We can help you learn from others and share your own knowledge. CDPC does this by:

  • Sending you up-to-date information on regional and national drug policy developments and funding opportunities
  • Creating and sharing multi-lingual information, analysis and tools that you can adopt as your own and use for your activities
  • Involving our members in the production of our materials and our work. You help to identify local issues of concern or opportunities, get a say in the drafting of papers or other materials, and then benefit from the work we collaboratively produce.
  • Sharing your materials to the wider coalition. Learned something amazing recently? Have an event you’d like to promote? Have successes or experiences to share? As a CDPC member, you can feel part of something larger.
  • Advising policy makers across Canada about drug policies and disseminating evidence-based materials at conferences, seminars and workshops across Canada and internationally.
  • Offering expertise and advice to member organizations about advocacy, drug policy, and engagement for change.

Increasing visibility

In joining CDPC as a coalition member, your organization can become a part of a prominent and credible network with a recognized and respected brand. Our tools can help increase your visibility and give your work national visibility. CDPC does this by:

  • Hosting a multi-lingual website featuring news, events, and publications sent to us by our members. Our website is visited by an average of 2,000 people per month with 7,000 page views.
  • Disseminating information about the work of our members through member and supporter emails in English and French to over 4,000 subscribers.
  • Increasing your visibility through social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, and through media outreach by sharing our members’ press releases to more than 600 media contacts nationally.

How to Join

It's free and easy to join CDPC. Have a look at our membership criteria and then send an email about your interest in joining to [email protected]. We will set up a short phone call with you to learn a bit about your organization and answer any questions you might have about CDPC.

Current Coalition Members

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Want to Further CDPC's Mission, But Aren't Part of an Organization?

Individuals are invited to support the work of CDPC. Becoming a supporter means that you will be added to the CDPC email list, will benefit from access to CDPC regular drug policy updates, position papers, and other relevant materials, and receive ongoing communications. To join our email list, enter your email in the banner below.