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2019 Selected News Highlights

CFAX (Afternoons with Mark Brennae), April 24, Dr. Bonnie Henry report recommending decriminalization of substance use

CityNews Vancouver, April 24, B.C. top doctor’s drug decriminalization report good first step: advocates

CBC, April 24 (6:00 p.m. newscast), Dr. Bonnie Henry report recommending decriminalization of substance use (lead story)

CBC, April 16 (6:00 p.m. newscast), Vancouver’s National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis and the need for safe supply (10:20 in)

NewsTalk 770 CHQR (Calgary Today), April 11, provincial overdose response efforts

CTV, April 10, CTV News Channel interview on the latest overdose statistics released by the Public Health Agency of Canada

Edmonton Journal, April 8, Time to change approach on opioid crisis, says public health experts

680 CHED (Ryan Jespersen Show), April 1, Underlying causes & Potential solutions to the opioid crisis

2018 Selected News Highlights

Metro Vancouver, February 26, Drug reformers watch federal budget for opioid crisis action

Simi Sara Show, March 7, Should all drugs be legalized?

Globe and Mail, March 28, Vancouver mayor calls for drug decriminalization after record year for opioid overdoses.

Spice Radio, May 14, interview with Scott Bernstein, Director of Policy, on overdose statistics and legal regulation of drugs.

The Georgia Straight, May 16, Young Canadians continue facing discrimination in their personal use of cannabis.

Star Vancouver, July 5, Canadian cannabis workers targeted by U.S. border guards for lifetime bans.

Toronto Star, Sept 13, Canadians who smoke marijuana legally, or work or invest in the industry, will be barred from the U.S.: Customs and Border Protection official.

Global New, October 4, Could more drugs become decriminalized?

Globe and Mail, October 18, Feds defend barring edible cannabis for a year as black market eyes gaps.

2017 Selected News Highlights

VICE. July 12, A Hostile Environment for People Who Use Drugs is Harmful for Everyone.

Ryerson University, May 24, Frontline Fentanyl: Users helping users (documentary)

CBC, The Disruptor Series with Anna Maria Tremonti. April 25, Drug controls ‘absolutely pathetic,’ activist says regulation will save lives

This Week on Drugs, April 24, Legalizing Canada (at 40:00)

Global News. April 14, Budding Cannabis Legalization presents Challenges and Opportunities for BC

MetroNews March 24, Opioid crisis requires trying ‘everything’: Expert on prescribed heroin

Georgia Straight, March 11, Legal Heroin

CBC, February 16, Vancouver hosting national meeting on how to open more supervised consumption sites.

Globe and Mail, February 10, Beyond Harm Reduction

CBC (op-ed) February 1, And the Band Played On: Overdoses, death and a resistance to change

The Tyee, January 26, An Urgent Call on Overdose Crisis: Prescribe Drugs, End Prohibition

Georgia Straight. January 31, Vancouver’s frontline fentanyl responders make the case for legalization in private meeting with Trudaeu.

Globe and Mail. January 5, Vancouver street dealer seen more as a symptom than problem of overdose crisis

2016 Selected News Highlights

CBC: BC Alamac. December 29, 2016. “Legalizing drugs beyond pot. Gardener Brisn Minter.

CBC News. November 26, 2016 “Are politicians too disconnected from the reality of drug abuse to solve the opioid crisis?” by Ferrah Merali

The Georgia Straight. September 28, 2016. “Addictions experts Dr. Gabor Mate and Donald MacPherson to speak at upcoming marijuana conference in Vancouver” by Travis Lupick

McLeans. August 31, 2016. “Controls on Fentanyl chemicals not enough to avert crisis: expert” by Camille Bains

The Georgia Straight. August 9, 2016. “Drug policy groups urge task force to endorse retail pot shops and not be swayed by media hysteria” by Charlie Smith

Daily Mail Online (UK). August 2, 2016. “Right groups call on UN to condemm Philippine drug killings

The Province. June 20, 2016. “A radical proposal for B.C.s battle against fentanyl” by Nick Eagland

National Post. June 17, 2016. “‘We had nothing to lose’: How Portugal solved its ‘catastrophic’ drug woes through decriminalization” by Tom Blackwell

CBC News. May 16, 2016. “Medical pot producer fund sober driving campaign

The Vancouver Sun. April 27, 2016. “The long slow retreat in the war on drugs” by Pete McMartin

CBC News. April 19, 2016. “UN meeting could be 1st step to ending global war on drugs” by Lucas Powers

NY Times. March 22, 2016. “Itchica’s Anti-Heroin Plan: Open a Site to Shoot Heroin” by Lisa Forderaro

2015 Selected News Highlights

The Windsor Star. November 5, 2015. “Drug policies need rehab more than citizens” by Jordan Westfall, CDPC Policy Analyst

CBC News. November 2, 2015. “Saskatoon’s compassion club raid ‘last gasp of cannabis prohibition’: pot expert

Time Colonist. November 1, 2015. “Editorial: Change marijuana law but go carefully

CBC News. November 1, 2015 “Legalizing marijuana

Huffington Post. October 28, 2015. “Justin Trudeau prepares to tackle marijuana legalization“by Kristy Kirkup

The Globe and Mail. October 22, 2015. “Health Canada investigating company mailing out research chemicals” by Elizabeth Chiu

The Globe and Mail. February 27, 2015. “Why Canada is no longer a leader in global drug policy” by Donald MacPherson and Jenna Valleriani

CPAC Documentary “Chasing the High

Globe and Mail. January 11, 2015. “Injection site supporters say Torries are heel dragging” by Mike Hager

 2014 – 2011 Selected News Highlights & Press Releases

National Post. October 22, 2014 “Canada is ignoring easy uncontroversial ways to prevent overdose deaths” by Donald MacPherson

The Winnipeg Free Press. September 22, 2014 “Drug policy seriously outdated” by Richard Elliott and Donald MacPherson

The Tyee. September 5, 2014 “Vancouver’s Addiction Ambitions, Revisited” by Gordon Katic and Sam Fenn

National Post. August 20, 2014 “Preventing music festival drug deaths must go beyond saying just say no” by Donald MacPherson

The Rick Howe Show. June 19, 2014. “Amy Graves comments on the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition report on opiate overdoses

Huffington Post. June 18, 2014. “Opiate overdose deaths in Canada Rising

06/16/2014 – Opioid overdose prevention & response in Canada

The Georgia Straight. June 11, 2014. “Vancouver Coastal Health reveals plan to expand supervised injection services in city” by Travis Lupick

CTV News. June 14, 2014. “Canada urged to expand use of naloxone to counter opiate overdoses

National Post. April 28, 2014. “A Gift to the Drug Kingpins” by Donald MacPherson

Huffington Post. April 5, 2014. “The Berlin Theory of Drug Prohibition” by Jean Kavanagh

10/17/2013 – Federal Health Minister re-introduced a bill whose sole purpose and intent is to block access to health services

09/30/2013 – Second anniversary of Supreme Court ruling in support of Insite

09/23/2013 – Special Access Requests and Permanent HAT programs





Media Coverage

05/17/2013 – Organization of American States presents a vision for drug policy reform 

01/24/2013 – Senator Pierre Claude Nolin Honours Drug Policy Leaders with Diamond Jubilee Award 

01/16/2013 – CDPC Executive Director Heads to Panama to Create Alternative Scenarios for Drug Policy in the Hemisphere 


07/12/2012 – Punitive drug laws are stifling the global HIV/AIDS response.

Français – Les lois punitives sur les drogues étouffent la réponse mondiale au VIH/sida.

06/26/2012 – Coalition urges Canadian government to acknowledge link between drug laws and HIV 

04/19/2012 – National dialogue addresses integration of supervised injection services into health care and community in Canada

Français – Échange de connaissances sur l’intégration des services d’injection supervisée dans les soins de santé et dans la communauté : un dialogue s’amorce

04/11/2012 – Coalition calls on Canadian government to work closely with Latin American countries to reform drug policy at Summit of the Americas

02/09/2012 – Leading experts in drug policy call on government to reject Bill C-10, rethink Canada’s drug laws

Français – Les experts des politiques sur les drogues demandent au gouvernement de rejeter le projet de loi C-10 et de revoir les lois canadiennes sur les drogues

11/29/2011 – New Coalition calls for a public health approach to alcohol, tobacco and drug controls

Chinese – 新聯盟呼籲控制酒精、煙草和毒品的公眾健康方法

Français – Une nouvelle Coalition réclame une approche de santé publique pour le contrôle de l’alcool, du tabac et des drogues

11/29/2011 – New national drug policy coalition receives key endorsements

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